“Cade is a life saver. During post production on an indie short, I was horrified by the poor quality of location sound during the big finale scene that took place in an echoey theater space. I thought this was going to be impossible to fix. But Cade was confident we could bring the actors back to loop their lines and record new foley sounds to completely rebuild the scene. This part of the movie had several speaking parts, some gun play, and lots of running around, so I was skeptical that we could rerecord the dialog and sound effects and make it believable. But Cade saved my life and saved the film. He was able to take rerecorded lines, which didn’t exactly sync with the lips of the video, and match it perfectly. He was able to create new sound effects from gun shots to foot steps. And he was able to assemble it all together to turn the audio for the finale into a flawless fit. It was actually the best audio in the entire film!”

– DC Kasundra,
Writer/Director of “Cult Fiction”

We have hired Cade for a variety of professional projects. He is very bright, a fast learner with a diverse skill set including all aspects of digital media content creation. Cade also has an upbeat, positive attitude that clients feel comfortable with. We can depend on Cade’s high standards of excellence to get the job done!

Bruce Tambling
Owner – Tambling Sound
Director Music Technology
Foothill College

Cade Conkle is a dependable and enthusiastic young man whose energies will be a valuable addition to whatever endeavor he engages in.

– Carl Yorke
Stanford Professor