Video Samples

A God of War II trailer with all of the audio stripped and redone (music, SFX, dialoge, ambience, etc). I worked on this with two friends. We picked the music, recorded the voiceover, and each did our share of SFX to create a brand new audio track for this trailer. I was also in charge of the fire and sword sounds, and the reverb/delay effect at the end. The mixing was largely done together as well.

I did all the post production audio (ADR, FX, ambiences, mixing, mastering) for this and 12 other videos in a series for People In Need – Cambodia.

Did a majority of the editing and all of the mixing for this short documentary about a Cambodian tour guide.

I edited and mixed all the audio for this book promo video. Effects creation, noise reduction, compression, equalization, volume automation, voice modulation, etc.

I did all the post mixing and sound FX for this short video about how motorcycles are sweet.

Did most of the sound for this UNICEF video: SFX creation, mixing, dialogue recording, mastering.

I co-filmed, edited and did the audio for this video below. Speed control, warp stabilization, color correction, audio to video alignment, etc. Taken from clips on a trip to Los Angeles with my friend.

“My Name is Seven” is an independent film I worked on with a few friends. I did a lot of final mixing and dialoge editing (the production background noise was horrendous!). I also did a healthy portion of the sound effects (including the dream sequence starting at 1:30).

An independent film I worked on called “Cult Fiction.” I was brought into the project mainly to re-do the voices in the final five-minute scene, due to bad location audio. I also did all the foley work, as well as mixing in the music and other compositions.  The film won the award for “Best Audio/Sound” at its Scary Cow Festival screening.

Edited the voice-over for Salty Dog – about a tattoo artist.